NuVision Rehab Partners with LEVO in Canada!

Minneapolis,  MN – June 3, 2015:  LEVO, the global leader in design, manufacture and distribution of standing wheelchairs, announced their new partnership with NuVision Rehab Group of Canada.  Well known for representing industry leading manufacturers of advanced technology rehabilitation equipment, NuVision assumes responsibility for all sales of LEVO products throughout Canada.

“LEVO has a long tradition of providing outstanding service to more than 35 countries around the world by partnering with exemplary organizations like NuVision” explained Dan Johnson, president of LEVO and CEO of parent company Dane Technologies.  “We are pleased to have NuVision and their knowledgeable team be our exclusive representatives in Canada.”

NuVision has a proven track record of working closely with dealers and therapists to ensure their patients’ rehabilitation needs are achieved. Besides providing educational seminars, in-service training sessions and product evaluation, NuVision understands and helps clients navigate the complexities of healthcare funding.

Standing wheelchairs allow the mobility impaired to access areas at home or work which were previously impossible to reach from a sitting position.

“We are particularly excited about representing LEVO’s unique line of standing wheelchairs.  Providing patients with the ability to stand and interact with others ‘eye-to-eye’ is a major advancement in functional independence,” said Rick Nori, President and CEO of NuVision.

Besides the emotional and practical benefits, clinical evidence supports reduction in pressure ulcers, contracture and spasticity as well as improved cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive system function leading to improved health and reduced healthcare costs.

LEVO has been the leader in standing mobility for the last 40 years with the development of the first standing wheelchair in the world in Switzerland.  Since then, LEVO has applied advanced engineering techniques and extensive experience to develop a complete line of manual, powered lift, powered mid-wheel and 4-wheel drive standing wheelchairs for children and adults up to 310 pounds (140kg).

About LEVO:

LEVO AG ( is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dane Technologies (, a leading provider of power assist and mobility solutions in healthcare, retail and logistics markets worldwide.