SILVALEA is the leading manufacturer of slings to assist the transfer of clients using a ceiling mounted or floor lift. We work with Silvalea to design and manufacture an extensive range of replacement slings compatible with most of the lift manufacturers in Canada.

Silvalea’s knowledge of specialty fabrics and a library of over 1,200 sling designs enable NuVision Rehab Group to service a growing portfolio of customers across Canada in Hospitals, Nursing Homes and LTC’s, schools and homecare settings.

The replacement sling ranges by SILVALEA offer outstanding value and with all the applicable production requirements including BSI certification, CE marking, FDA registration, insurance and testing protocols, ensures not only competitive prices but peace of mind for both care-givers and our clients.

Working alongside healthcare professionals and dealers, and combining our extensive library of sling designs and knowledge of specialty fabrics, SILVALEA is able to offer a fully customized sling service to support individual client’s specific needs.

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