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Come visit us at REE!

Come visit us at REE!

Nuvision Rehab Group will be attending the upcoming Rehab Equipment Expo on Wednesday, September 9th at the Richmond Olymipc Oval in Richmond, BC.   Join us at booths 42, 43 and 48 to see the latest from Ki Mobility, LEVO, EMP/BFF, Silvalea Slings, Active Controls and Western Home...Read more about

Xpresso O2 Holder – Introductory Demo Sale

Western Home Medical is proud to introduce the new Xpresso and Xpresso Lite O2 Holder for “D” Tanks. This holder is easily installed and just as easily removed when the walker needs to be folded up. The holder sits underneath the seat of the walker and does not affect the center of gravity that an O2 holder in the front or rear of the walker would. For the month of August, we are offering 25% on demo units. LIMIT 2 PER LOCATION. Please visit the Xpresso O2 Holder Product Page for more information or contact...Read more about

LEVO Canada & Nuvision Rehab Group – HME News

MINNEAPOLIS – LEVO, a manufacturer and distributor of standing wheelchairs, has announced a new partnership with NuVision Rehab Group of Canada. As part of the partnership, NuVision, which represents rehab, mobility and home accessibility manufacturers from around the world, will assume responsibility for all sales of LEVO products throughout Canada. “LEVO has a long tradition of providing outstanding service to more than 35 countries around the world by partnering with organizations like NuVision,” stated Dan Johnson, president of LEVO and CEO of parent company Dane Technologies. “We are pleased to have NuVision and their knowledgeable team be our exclusive representatives in Canada.”...Read more about

NuVision Rehab Partners with LEVO in Canada!

Minneapolis,  MN – June 3, 2015:  LEVO, the global leader in design, manufacture and distribution of standing wheelchairs, announced their new partnership with NuVision Rehab Group of Canada.  Well known for representing industry leading manufacturers of advanced technology rehabilitation equipment, NuVision assumes responsibility for all sales of LEVO products throughout Canada. “LEVO has a long tradition of providing outstanding service to more than 35 countries around the world by partnering with exemplary organizations like NuVision” explained Dan Johnson, president of LEVO and CEO of parent company Dane Technologies.  “We are pleased to have NuVision and their knowledgeable team be our exclusive representatives in Canada.” NuVision has a proven track record of working closely with dealers and therapists to ensure their patients’ rehabilitation needs are achieved. Besides providing educational seminars, in-service training sessions and product evaluation, NuVision understands and helps clients navigate the complexities of healthcare funding. Standing wheelchairs allow the mobility impaired to access areas at home or work which were previously impossible to reach from a sitting position. “We are particularly excited about representing LEVO’s unique line of standing wheelchairs.  Providing patients with the ability to stand and interact with others ‘eye-to-eye’ is a major advancement in functional independence,” said Rick Nori, President and CEO of NuVision. Besides the emotional and practical benefits, clinical evidence supports reduction in pressure ulcers, contracture and spasticity as well as improved cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive system function leading to improved health and reduced healthcare costs. LEVO has been the leader in standing mobility for the last 40 years with the development of the first standing wheelchair in the world in Switzerland.  Since...Read more about

NuVision Rehab Group and Ki Mobility Partnership

Nuvision Rehab Group and Ki Mobility are pleased to announce their new partnership! What this means for you? Ki is providing Canadian specific order forms, Ki Online for quoting and ordering and complete invoicing systems at  Any questions can be directed to Ki Mobility’s customer service team at (715) 254-0991. Nuvision Rehab Group will be the Canadian sales team for Ki Mobility, please visit to find the sales representative in your...Read more about

Ki Mobility signs exclusive with NuVision Rehab Group

Stevens Point, WI – Ki Mobility is announcing that, effective April 20, 2015, Ki will be directly supporting our Canadian dealers. Our customer service team, training and the service tools currently available to our US dealers will now be available to you. There are many steps to complete prior to this change over so please be patient as we work through them. In the meantime I though I would tell you what we do have planned and some steps you can complete now. We will be providing you with unique Canadian order forms and we will conduct all business with you in Canadian dollars. Quotes, Invoices and Payments. You will be able to utilize our online configurator and parts manual to process your own quotes and orders. We are employing Rick Nori and his sales reps from NuVision Rehab Group to represent us as independent agents. I know many of you know Rick and his excellent team. Welcome NuVision Rehab Group to the Ki Mobility Team!! No dealer in Canada is associated with NuVision. We have reviewed their ownership structure and any fears about supporting the competition or not treating all dealers fairly are unfounded. Rumor mongers will always be present with us, just know them for what they are…the problem, not the solution. We are looking forward to working with all of you. More to come…. Sincerely, Douglas H. Munsey President of Ki...Read more about

Handicare signs exclusive with NuVision Rehab Group

Allentown, PA – Handicare North America announced today that it has signed with NuVision Rehab Group to be the exclusive Homecare distributor of their safe patient handing lines across Canada. Handicare’s safe patient handling lines consist of SystemRomedic™ and LinidoSolutions™. SystemRoMedic™ is Handicare’s unique easy transfer concept, the market’s widest and most comprehensive range of clever, easy-to-use and safe transfer and lifting aids designed to make life easier, both for the user and for the caregiver. LinidoSolutions™ is Handicare’s product series for increased independence, safety and comfort in bathrooms, showers and toilet areas. It encompasses a wide range of safe, practical, durable and ergonomic aids with modern design; wall mounted products and accessories creating accessible, safe and, in addition, great looking bathrooms. Hans Sigvardsson, President of Handicare N.A states, “We are very excited to have NuVision Rehab as our exclusive Homecare distributor in Canada. They are an experienced and knowledgeable team that we are confident will represent Handicare’s same core values and provide access to our expansive line of easy to use products.” About NuVision Rehab Group NuVision Rehab Group is excited to be representing and distributing Handicare’s Safe Patient Handling products in Canada. “Handicare, globally represents some of the industry’s most innovative patient handling and bathroom safety products”, explains Rick Nori, President and CEO of NuVision Rehab. “Our national sales team is excited to be promoting these products to our extensive dealer network across Canada. We will assist our dealers to identify products that will aid their clients’ in optimizing their functional independence.” adds Mr. Nori. NuVision Rehab Group is a new division of an existing company that...Read more about