Nuvision Rehab Group & 5 Minds Mobility Partnership

Nuvision Rehab Group & 5 Minds Mobility Partnership

5 Minds Mobility, a medical equipment manufacturing company focused on superior solutions for the painful and costly problems associated with shear and pressure management in high-risk client groups, are proud to announce their new partnership with NuVision Rehab Group of Canada. Well known for representing industry leading manufacturers of advanced technology rehabilitation equipment, NuVision assumes responsibility for all sales of 5 Minds Mobility Products throughout Canada (except British Columbia where 5 Minds will sell direct to dealers).

“At 5 Minds Mobility prevention through innovation isn’t something we take lightly; you can see and feel the result of that passion in every item from our award winning surfaces and wheelchair seating to our complete line of pillows and positioning products. Every component is scrutinized to ensure it meets/exceeds our exacting standards. With innovations like Shear Reduction Technology (SRT) and our extensive use of GelFlex we have developed a line of products that provide excellent comfort and prevention”, explains Kevin Saunders, President of 5 Minds Mobility. “We are pleased to have NuVision and their knowledgeable team be our exclusive representatives in Canada.”

The Align, Allay and Adapt mattresses not only greatly reduce the occurrence of wounds they minimize client sliding down the bed typical of other surfaces. ACe seating, which also utilizes SRT, won the College of Ontario Network for Industry Innovations Award. Our pillows and positioning products are of the premium quality with extensive testing and design associated with each one.

NuVision has a proven track record of working closely with dealers and therapists to ensure their patients’ rehabilitation needs are achieved. NuVision Rehab Group is focused on representing high-end rehabilitation manufacturers to bring a unique service to our local dealers, therapists, and health care professionals. Our goal is to sell and to educate the market on the latest in rehab technology.

About 5 Minds Mobility:
5 Minds Mobility is a wholly Canadian company. The founders of 5 Minds Mobility are experienced healthcare seating and mobility industry professionals with over 50 years of specialized knowledge related to shear and pressure management. Our team of medical engineers brings a client focused perspective to the way we develop our solutions.